Growthpool is a marketing software listing platform. Visitors can search for the software category they are looking for, see the available solutions along with related information, and make their informed decision about which one to onboard with or try out.


Under construction

Project date

June 2020


Growthpool needed to position itself as a fresh, clean, super easy to consume & use the platform, with a focus on making it seamless for the marketing people to find the best software for the problem they are looking to solve.

My Role

Research, wireframing, UI design, convert design to HTML/CSS.

Research & Discovery

The main target audience is marketers who work on tech startups. They are looking to onboard software for a particular need, and are actively looking for the best solution in terms of value and cost.

I did competitor analysis and started creating moodboards for desired features and visuals needed for the website design.

User journey map

This is a simple user journey map, where circles are entry points, squares are pages or destinations, and diamonds are decision points.

Wireframes: lofi

From the user journey map, we decided to focus on two main entry points into the website, the homepage, and the single category page.

Design system

I chose "Sofia pro" for headings and "Inter" for body texts and tried to have limited font weights, to have consistency and optimize page loading. The colors are mostly taken from the brand guidelines.

Wireframes: hifi

The most important aspect of this project was to design the software/ tool cards. The pricing, the features, the ratings all had to be presented in an intuitive manner. Users can read more about the tool on the other popular platforms, as well.


Let's worktogether

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